Removing Pinnacle Caps


I don’t like the YYJ Pinnacle Caps and want to remove them but can’t get them out. I tried they suction cup method, but it just doesn’t work. I don’t mind wrecking the caps as they will not be going back in, but I don’t want to wreck the yoyo.


I had t sit for a few minutes and was “Pinnacle, why is that familiar” Oh yeah, because I have one.

If you’re not gonna put the caps back in, take a drill and a relatively small bit. Drill a hole through the cap, being careful not to go past the cap. You do have a little space between the other side of the cap and the yoyo body, but usually once someone breaks through with a drill, there’s that drop down that happens. Just press light and let the tool do 99% of the work.

Stick some sort of tool in the hole and the pull the cap off. That should do it. Easy.


Since I am sans drill I stuck a push pin through the caps. It worked really well. The first couple times I tried in the middle and hit the metal part that’s holding in the axle. Once I tried closer to the side the caps popped of surprisingly easy.