how do take off caps?

I just got my YYJ atmosphere how do you take out the caps?

There are many ways. I use duct tape. Get a strip long enough to stick onto the caps and still have some room for you to grab onto. Make sure it’s on well and then yank it off. It might take a couple tries but they should come off. Hope it helps.

that kinda helps but I don’t have any duct tape…

Some people use suction cups. If you have one you cut it down to size so that it fits on the caps. Then you stick those on and pull them off. If you don’t have suction cups just go buy some duct tape. It’s probably more available than suction cups, and you can buy it at target or walmart or something.

I’d suggest the tape (try masking or packing tape, too - with some patience, it’ll work) or suction cup idea, but if you don’t want to go get some tape, if you don’t mind damaging the caps, you can poke a hole in them with a small sharp object (icepick, scissors, etc.) and then use that object as a lever to take the caps out.

aight sounds good i’ll try i have some painting tape but its not really the stickiest but i’ll try