YYJ caps?

How do I get the caps of of my hitman pro?

I don’t have one but if it’s like any other yyj it should be tooken off by suction cup.

I have heard the caps in the HItman Pro and XCOn Pro are rather difficult to remove. Be patient, especially if you intend to re-use the caps.

suction cups work well for some yoyojams, but not the ones with mirror caps. i had to use duct tape to get those off. stick the tape on really well, then pull.

I would recommend the use of packing tape to remove caps.

Duct tape tends to leave a residue that can be difficult to clean off.

Take a strip of packing tape, and stick it well onto the cap. Pull slightly to an angle, not straight up. The caps should pop right off in a few tries if not the first try.

Good luck!


This has a lower risk of taking the paint off of caps.

Put a small amount of hot glue in the center of the cap, put it in the freezer and wait 5 min. Then use pliers and pull the glob of hot glue. Use your nails or pliers to get off the remaining glue.