Help removing side caps

on a hitman there is a picture of that guy on the side and it is coverd with plastic. is there any way to get that plastic and picture off so i can work on pull starting. plus i think it would have a positive effect on the yoyo also

Thanks matt \ sternberg97

Sure! If you’re looking to not destroy the caps, you use a suction cup to pop them off. Most people use duct tape (the gray stuff your dad thinks can fix anything). Just take a piece, stick it on the cap, and then pull it out. It might take a few tries, but it works.

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Yep, just use a suction cup. You can get one at walmart, hardware stores and some kiddy stores selling toy guns. As long as they have rubber bullets, they should have suction cups that might work. Dont recomend the rubber bullets though. If you cant get that, just use duct tape.

But just so you know, its really hard to remove hitman caps. Lyn furys, kicksides, dark magics, meteors, they all come out with one pull, while hitman can take forever.

For pull starting, you will need to buy size one synergy caps.
Once you pull off the caps, just put size 1 caps on.

i went through the same ordeal when i got my hitman.
first i tried duct tape, but to no avail. then i went for the suction cup method. still no luck. those things were stuck in there but good.
so after giving it some thought, i decided i was never going to want to put them back in. after that realization, a whole new world of options opened up to me, not having to worry about the degree to which i mangled and tortured them in the process of their removal. all i had to worry about was making sure i did no damage, not a single scuff, to the metal rims or the body.
ultimately, i gouged a small hole through the cap with a fork, then once it was through, just popped it out. it took all of 5 seconds.
it’s worth saying, of course, that you should not do this if you have any intention of keeping your caps, and additionally, always be very very very careful using any kind of pointy metal things. if your hand slips, well, that could just ruin your whole day.
certainly, my method isn’t right for everyone, but it definitely worked for me.

That’s what I did to my Aquarius… But with a drill hole!!

Instead of trying one piece of duct tape, try several layers. Works for me

I usually just use one piece of duct tape that is rolled up to remove caps. Works perfectly fine for me. :slight_smile:

The same thing happened with my hitman. I tried everything to try to take them out without destroying them but no go. So I took a a flat neck screw driver and put it at the side of the cap and hammered on it. When the screw driver goes through the cap you can just pop it out. Then just out of curiosity I tried to put the caps back in and they did. Although they don’t look as good as before but if you want to put them back in you can. I don’t think anyone would want to put them back in after you take them out as it plays a bit better without them.

Before you destroy your side caps, I would try to pop them out with suction cups that are a slightly smaller than your sidecaps and then pull in a diagonal direction instead of pulling straight up. This will prevent the suction cup from losing it’s vacuum pocket to quickly.

I will probably repeat what some others have said, but It is rarely that people put sidecaps back in. But if you are going to destroy your sidecaps, there is absolutely no need to use a drill or hammer. I just pressed a compass into the cap and popped it off. But when that is said, if you can find smaller suction cups, go with that.

Not to go off topic, but how come they play better without sidecaps?

ya I dont get it
maybe cause of the more hollow feel with them in but I dont see how that would affect the play

without the caps it just makes the yo look cooler and thumb grind like a god!!

I have also wondered about this a lot. People do take out their caps to thumb grinds and pull starts, but all you are doing is to remove two pieces of plastic. This should have no effect on play or sleep time.

It makes basically no difference

bigger area for thumb grinding ;D