Are the hitman pros caps supposed to come off?

Ive been trying to get them off but they MAKE IT IMPOSSIBLE so I’m starting to wonder if there supposed to come off or if there are any finger grind things under then plz help!!

They are not made to pop on and off as they are poped in very tight under the rim, but they can come off. If you dont mind, poke a small hole with a fork, knife, corkscrew, etc. then use it as a wedge to pull the clear plastic up, then the cardboard piece undereath that says hitman will fall out from gravity, no work needed. You can also pick up a small suction cup with a lever or something to make it tight, or just a very tight one, and put it on then pull and the cap should come out. Also keep in mind the hitman has very small caps, and it may be hard to find a powerful enough suction cup that is that small, at least it is here where i live.

I did this thanks they came off fine

Actually, they are made to pop in and out… That’s why they aren’t glued in…