Popping Butterfly XT caps off

Does anyone have any tips for popping off the side caps of Butterfly XTs? They seem glued in, but I’m sure that’s not the case. I’d like to remove them without breaking the yoyo.

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Depends, do you want the caps to be functional when you are done? If not, I say cut them. If you do, you should be able to pry them up off the throw.

I want to keep them because I want to swap them.

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Then prying them off with a knife or something should work. I did it once, but did not like the feel of the XT without them so I put them back.

Haven’t tried on an xt, but on most plastic side caps, if you can find a decent suction cup about an inch wide, it will usually allow you to quickly pop the cap off and it doesn’t hurt them. Also it keeps you from pushing a knife into your hand in the event you may be accident prone.

You can remove the caps by pressing the axle down onto a hard surface. Nothing is glued in so the axle should push the cap right out.

That’s what I’ve been trying to do, to no avail. Putting all my weight on pushing down on the yoyo body too…

…maybe I’m just not heavy enough… :stuck_out_tongue:

it worked for me, although I did leave an axle imprint on one of the more stubborn caps. I guess some are easier to get out than others.

I’m really starting to think that the caps are glued on the latest run of XTs.

Assuming the caps are not glued on, what about the old stick-it-in-the-freezer trick? Would that work on a plastic yoyo?

probably not, chilling things is trying to take advantage of different thermal expansion