Do synergy caps make the Legacy vibrate?

Hey everyone,
I was just wandering, would synergy caps make the Legacy yo-yo vibrate during 1A play where it would effect play, if it would effect 1A play would the kk bearing or the center trac bearing counteract the vibration,(I know the two bearing are to keep the string from touching the sides.) and I have just one more question, what size would I need in synergy caps and the bearing for the Legacy.
Thank you in advance.

i figure since the legacy is the plastic version of the dark magic and the dark magic uses size 3 then the legacy should also take size you help me?i want to know how to get the caps off a legacy.if you can tell me that it would be nice.if not then it’s OK.

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You can put them on, but taking them off would be a bit harder (as in might break your yoyo harder).


If you are talking about the original caps, I think you could just use a suction cups(I have tried this on my Duncan Dragonfly yo-yo.), but if you are talking about the synergy caps, I don’t know, because I have never used any.
Do the synergy caps cause vibration that would effect play? If they do, would any of the two bearings counteract the vibration?

I don’t think that bearings would counterattack a vibe but you never know.

Synergy Caps, Hubstacks, aNd Z-stacks only give vibes to yoyos there not really compatible with.

caps, can be easily taken out with tape or suction cups, or just a normal knife(if you’re willing to scratch the cap a litttle) I’m not sure if the synergy caps would give the legacy a vibe and i’m not sure how to take them of either

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You could put the synergy caps over the legacy caps.
To take them out by just pushing on one side while pushing it upwards.

Also when playing with synergy caps in it makes the yoyo vibrate a lot.

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Thank you, I was just wanting to know, to see if I would want to put them on my Christmas list.