Synergy Caps + DM= VIBE AND WOBBLE

I have synergy caps for my DM and they make it really wobbly…but i guess i can live with it because i can do some pretty sick stuff with those caps

They ussually do that,especually on the DM. >:(

haha they don’t affect meteor’s much, and can help stop vibe in some cases :o

Srry,I meant on a lot of metal rimmed yoyos,plastics and metals dont wobble much with those.

I tried those, HUGE wobble on the Legacy.

Never tried it with all metal before.

Yeah no kidding JRAM’s legacy was going crazy when we put the caps on it… Quite funny acually

can u put synergys on a legacy without modding?

Why not? okay this is a question, im wondering haha ;D

From the YoYoExpert himself:

I wouldnt risk putting synergy caps on a legacy…

how much does the dm wobble?

how much would the xvict wobble?

are the caps worth the $?