YYJ Synergy Caps questions

I just ordered some YYJ Synergy Caps. I’m really excited, but I do have a few questions.

Does anyone have experience with it? Can you tell me how they feel? Do they really affect the spin of the yo-yo?


it depends on some yoyos it causes wobble what yoyo r u gonna put them on …on your dark magic they should not cause a wobble

I tried the Synergy Caps before. It can cause alot of wobbling. It adds some weight into it. There kinda fun to play with but arent that great for doing grinds. Hope this helps. :wink:

Ok, thanks. I am gonna put them on my Dark Magic. I hope it doesn’t cause too many problems

i saw someguy with them on his dark magic and it still played smooth with out wobble

There is a wobble. Stop feeding people with lies. I tried it on 2 DarkMagics they can cause wobble.

He wasn’t saying that it will absolutely not have wobble. He was saying that the one he saw did not have wobble. And unless you have also tried that same Dark Magic, he wasn’t feeding anyone any lies. It’s not definite that they will have wobble. They can cause wobble.

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thank you Kim-Lan and sorry for not explaining well i meant on his it didnt cause a wobble

I used to have a pair,(lost one :() mine didn’t have a wobble. 10/10

I made a video with them on my Dark magic a while ago. they are pretty fun.
mine did not cause any extra vibe on my DM so it could vary.

they are pretty fun
so I started modding it and made it magnetize ;D

Now that’s pretty nifty. :smiley: