Synergy Caps

i have recently got a x-convict yoyo and i am thinking bout buying some synergy caps. however i have heard mix reviews about them stating they throw the yoyo off balance and can have a bad impact on spin times. But i have also they are great and can bring a whole new dimension and open up a whole new world of tricks.

is this true or are they just myths and would you recommend getting some??

Thanx guys

The lost prophet

Synergy caps do cause some wobbling on certain yoyos. I have not heard of a lot of people using Synergy caps in the X-ConVict. But I have heard that Synergy caps fit well in the Kickside. And the Kickside does have a diameter very similar to the X-ConVIct. So I think that they won’t create much wobble.

Addment: I cannot guarantee that your yoyo won’t wobble when you insert the Synergy caps, but they are removable

i had synergy caps in my x-convict a little wobble a little getting use to but it is a great way to temporally hub stack the x convict I thought the pros out weighed the cons so i would say try it for yourself just make sure you get the right size which is one im purdy sure

thanks for the help guys, ill prop give em a try. i wont b orderin any till nxt week so if anyone else has any felings on them then pls post your comments


the lost prophet

Generally, yes you will get wobble on Synergy Caps. They arent really meant for serious play in my opinion. I think your best bet would be to get a YYF PGM if you want a cheap and serious player with hubstacks. But if you’re not willing to buy a separate yoyo - Synergy Caps are fun. but can affect overall play.

I put some on my x-con then took um off put them in a small box and flushed um down the pan with my jampoo :wink:
Hope this helps!

Y and Y???

As everyone has said before yes the do wobble a bit on the Xconvict. They do not however have a major effect on play. I usually have 'em on my Xconvict and I can still do all my tricks. But as Samad said, if you want a serious hubstack player I would recommend the PGM. :slight_smile:

personally i hate them very much because it will make the yoyo so heavy and wobbles…and makes a wierd sound too

Just to add m perspective here, I personally love them. They do indeed make your yoyo heavy, but that isn’t a bad point in my opinion. I have found no wobble with the X-ConVict either. Synergy caps are definitely great fun!