Synergy Caps, one of my last reviews

Okay, so first up: Dark Magic without.

It is a good yoyo, a couple dings, and almost no vibe. It just feels like a little hummm…

With synergy caps:
Instantly, a wobble. Nothing you can feel, feels the same, but it just has a wobble that cannot be corrected with a finger. This does not affect my play, but it is a bit disturbing to see. The thing I wasn’t expecting, but should have, was the weight. My dark magic was instantly heavier, which I liked. However, the weight slowed me down a bit, and kinda threw me off. I’m getting better. Sometimes I hit the synergy caps with a whip, if so, instantly my DM turns in a circle, and I have to drop the string and try again, kind of annoying. The caps kind of reduce the looks of my dark magic. I have a black, so black on black = good. However, if you have a green… The caps was blocking part of the metal, the innermost metal in the dark magic, which I didn’t like. I like the looks of that inner metal.

The good things about this: Obviously: The caps!!! I can hold it flat on my palm now, and people looking at me are surprised. I can hold the yoyo, pull start it, and wind it without a bind. (It involves giving the yoyo slack, lots of it, with the string vertical.) The caps are fun.

The weight: If you have a speeder, obviously you can add this in for a bit more Dark Magicy kind of weight.

So, for only $8, I would say it is worth it. The fact you can hold it, for nothing but looks and a slight wobble in the bargain is great. If you don’t like it, you can always take it out, unlike a hubstack, where the center post will always be there.

All in all, considering the price, take out ability, and the performance, I would rate it a
10/10. You might say it doesn’t deserve that, but the price of it is way under the price of stacks, and the performance is only a little compromised. You can remove this, an advantage over stacks.

Edit: The caps stick out. I don’t think you can do this with stacks. This lets you put the yoyo on your palm horizontally, and on the table. Just a FYI.

Nice review, but you should mention that some yoyos can be dead smooth with Synergy Caps.

but you didnt say the yoyos and sizes that fit the caps. 9/10

Good review! It doesn’t cause vibe on the Axiom and Meteor though, and shouldn’t cause vibe on Kicksides if i’m not wrong. But overall good review! IMO the synergy caps are good for weighing my 58 gram meteor down lol, and they stabilize it.

Btw, why is this one of your “last” reviews?

I didn’t even notice it said “last”, why Batryn?

I’m probably not going to get anything for a long time. And it will probably be another year. :’(

ok^__^ nice review. but i have one question… does anyone know what size bearing the Synergy Caps hold??? because i broke one of them trying to take it off and i dont want to buy another set because it leaves me with an odd # of Synergy Caps O_o…oh and if so where can i find them?!? pls help!!!

I thought they were size A, which you can get anywhere that sells yoyo bearings. I don’t have them with me here, but I’ll repost in a couple hours after I get to where I am able to measure them.

Nope, Bearing size is bearing “8x12x3.5”
Even on ebay, your going to spend more replacing the bearing tha just buying new caps.
They also use them in fishing reels and remote control helicopters/cars. You could probably salvage one cheaply without too much trouble.