yyj synergy caps

I have heard about synergy caps and was wondering if they worked good. also will they fit on a legacy
thanks for the help

I have never tried any, but I have heard from Steven and Rudy, that they are not too great. Also, I remember reading somewhere that André said that they can fit the Legacy, but you will have a hard time getting them out.

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i like them, they are pretty fun
i have 4 legacys and they fit in 2 of them and dont fit in the other 2

thanks for the help

They are awesome… i have some…

what are they?

Basically Hubstacks for YYJ

Yes, these are pretty great! Also, yes, they fit the Legacy, but they are almost impossible to get out since the metal rings block the hole to pop it out.

Correct - they technically will fit the Legacy but because of the large metal weights it is nearly impossible to remove them from the yo-yo once in place. They also throw off the spin dynamics significantly and wouldn’t be recommended.

The synergy caps work best in the Axiom and Kickside. :slight_smile:

I would definitely agree with YoYExpert, I do own the Axiom and synergy caps that fit it… I do have to say it is quite a different yoyo, and I do have to admit it is alot of fun to use with the caps on, while still keeping the smooth play of the stock Axiom. Although it did take some time for me to get them to sit properly and now my Axiom is very loud, but that is good in my opinion because I like my yoyos to draw as much attention as possible.

i would like to add a yoyo to what andre said, synergy caps work perfectly with the dark magic although it is considerably heavier with them on

Yes, size 3 caps will fit the Dark Magic, Speeder, Legacy, and the Meteor.

just to clear up a question about the Legacy’s Synergy caps working or not. They will work on a Legacy just as good as a Dark Magic. If you wish to have this then just do this: WARNING: do this at your own risk to having a permantantly Synergized Legacy. Now that that’s out of the way. All you need to do for a perfectly Synergized Legacy without wobble from Synergy Caps just put the Synergy Caps on over the mirror caps. NOTE: I have tested this by doing it. It in fact does work but can make a permantly Synergized Legacy as stated before. The only reason I have repeated prior statment is because it is a very dangerous modifacation, but if you like the Synergy Caps a lot and have a spare Legacy it is a fun thing to do to it. ANOTHER NOTE: The Synergy Caps can come off from using this method but it is difficult and may still not work.

This is my pereference about the Synergy Caps.

Right now I personaly do not like them. I like pulling them, but when i’m doing some close and tight tricks, they get in the way either hitting the hub part and then gtting a knot inside of it and going o n on it like the cap is like another gap of a yoyo.

If you like tight tricks don’t get them. If you like far away spread out string tricks get them.

So threw out there good for loose, far away string tricks, but horrable for close, tight string tricks. it’s a pain to get the knot out of there.

Remember, this is my pereference. :wink:


Another thing to keep in mind, the caps make your yo-yo heavier and wider, throwing off its dynamics. It also can make it more responsive.

-Mitchell Purdy

yeah they add like 7 grams if my memory serves me correct

Around that, give or take.


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Yes sir! Size 1 fits the AXIOM.

lol i know this post is like 5 days old. But still, i just got mine today and i think they rock. When they come, they are thick lubed, so yeah. You need to break into them. The bearings cant be removed easily, so you cant wash it, but you can thin lube it. And once you thin lube it it rocks. The yoyo feels more stable, solid. Get them!