legacy mods

any body know how to mod a legacy?
if synergy caps can fit a legacy please answer queation above

It would fit the legacy because it fits the DM

Legacy= Celcon version of DM

For me, this is my #1 favorite set up.

Flowable Silicone
Broken in (or cleaned) bearing

The Legacy is my current favorite yoyo right now.

My Legacy is my favorite 1A yo-yo right now also ;D

Flowable Silicone
Cleaned bearing
50/50 string

Just one warning,dont synergize(put synergy caps on) your legacy,unless you have others,they wont come out easilyand will cause a huge vibe.

some put the answer synergy caps and other voted hub stacks if hub stacks do fit wich is better

which size is ti for legacy size 1 or size three
p.s. i think it is three

To put hubstacks on, you will need major modding. I wouldn’t reccomend it but it can be done and will destroy your yo is done wrong.

Synergy Caps are almost impossible to get out but are major fun. They can throw the yo-yo off-balance and cause a wobble.

Size 3.