Synergy Caps

how do these work.Do they cause a wobble;D

They are caps with bearings and caps. The protrusion is attached to a ball bearing which is attached to the cap, so it can spin on its own. Watch this

I think this is DaShizNit’s video or something?


will synergy caps fit yyj legacy please tell me yes or no

If it fits the DM it fits the legacy

Yes, Size 3 will fit. But they will be very hard to remove from a legacy because of the metal weight rings on the inside of it.

Synergy’s fit most yoyos that have caps.

Almost fixed ;D
Lyn can’t fit them,
Speed Maker can’t fit them,
ST Doesn’t fit them,
Mini Motu/Trixx doesn’t fit them,
Black knight shouldn’t fit them if i’m correct,
i don’t think they fit well on sigma blades, the nub’s are too far out, and put pressure on it.
Big Ben doesn’t fit them
Legacy is not good to fit them onto.

So there you have it, as long as u don’t have these yyj’s, it might fit. They don’t fit on most duncans either.

They cause a lot of wobble.(On certain yoyos I guess.)

how much wobble do the cap create on a kickside?


Hey its my video. Wow never thought this would be of any help. Cool lol.  ;D

They dont cause wobble on the YYJ Metals (meteor and axiom) i believe, they don’t cause any wobble on meteors, not confirmed on axioms. They probably don’t on kickside either.