How would the Synergy Caps work on a Dark Magic ?

I’m thinking about getting Synergy Caps for my Dark magic, and I’m a bit worried because of the warning on the product page on the YoyoExpert shop. To be more specific, due to the warning I can also ask it in another way. How bad is the effect of the Synergy Caps on the Dark Magic ?

Thanks in advance

Synergy caps can cause vibe…
You can also contact YYE for more information…

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I thought of doing that but I don’t really understand how, I’m new here. I do it through a PM ?

Just post it here… Cuz I have a DM and i wanted to buy synergy caps too D:

they can cause vibe because they add a moving part in the center of the yoyo.
its not that bad though.

if yo want to contact YYE, they have a customer service button in the top right of this page, or a contact button under the banner.
just shot a word through there, YYE have great costumer service. ;D ;D

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my snyergy caps cause a good amount of vibe on MY dark magic.

lets just say i wouldn’t compete while there on MY dark magic.