dark magic mod questions

I have a dark magic (LOVE IT!) and I’m beginning to learn the master tricks. The problem though is that it keeps spinning out. For example: in the yukki slack, it when I sping it the yoyo just tilts and spins out. Also, when I do ladder escape it always spins out before i can even get out of the mount. So…here’s the specifics about my yoyo:

  1. I play with one cap out and one in.
  2. I use a really old string.
  3. I have a KonKave bearing.
  4. I don’t use any lube.

What could make the yoyo play a little better? (lube, new string, etc.)

P.S. Is there any yoyo that would be better but still about the same price?
P.P.S. Are synergy caps any good?

Well, get a new string, clean the KonKave bearing if you have to, take both caps out, or put them in, that causes the yoyo to tilt. Better around the same price. Hmmmmm. New Breed for about $45. Un-responsive, sleeps long, good feel, as good as the Dark Magic. Synergy caps cause a wobble/vibe. Especially for the Dark Magic. Not a good idea. But, yes, they are cool.

thanks so much!!..this really helps :wink:

Well actually one cap in and one out doesn’t cause a vibe or wobble. I do believe that André does it this way and has said specifically that it doesn’t cause a vibe.

First I’m glad to hear that you love your DM

Maybe there could be a problem with your trow.Try to trow harder and straighter.
Try the tricks a little bit slower,It could help.

Replace your string.(very importaint)If you yoyo 2-3 hours a day get a bulk of string[100 count]


Get some lube if you can.Thin Lube


You can try the Speeder.But I wouldn’t it is not so balanced as the DM.But It would spin better

I have no Idea about the KonKave bearing.

If you have a normal bearing try it.I’m not sure

Synergy caps are not good. They make problems if you want to take them out.And the have a bad handling.The balance of the yoyo wouldn’t be the same when you use them.

Have you tried putting shims in it?

Try cleaning your bearing, or break it in. I think its your bearing. But you really just need to work on your throw, and practice the tricks. I can do a ladder escape in 12 seconds. You really just have to practice, Get your mount down smoothly. The mount shouldn’t take more than 5 seconds if you practice alot.

So, work on your throw, and work on the trick. You might wanna clean your bearing. Thats my advice :wink:

umm… get a plastic grind machine and bulk 100 poly string