I just started and bought a Dark Magic

I just started yoyoing and received my Dark Magic yesterday. I figured I would buy a yo yo that I will grow into. When I was trying the Trapeze trick, the yoyo actually came up too early than expected and almost smacked me in the mouth…so I am kinda traumatized right now. I have a couple of questions about this yo yo.

  1. Sometimes when I want to bring it up, it just stays asleep and wont come up. How do I make it more consistent when I want it to come up and make it stay down when I want it to?

  2. I noticed that when I make it sleep, it stays level when it is spinning, but once it slows down, it tends to start leaning to one side and stop. How do I fix this?

  3. Can I use any type of string for now? Since there are no hi-tech yo yo stores around here, can I just buy regular yoyo strings that I might find at a toy store or a hobby shop?

oh my god … i want Dark magic yoyo

you can make your own strings…i made them and there superb…still making experiments on them.

left to right
1)6(32), all with DM
2), with a little bit loss drill
3)8(42), with a tight drill
2), with loss drill
5)5, with tight drill
6)5, with a bit loss…
The numbers in brackets refers to the number of strands in the yo-yo string. For example, type 8 consists of four strands each composed of two smaller strands of string.
the tightening of two halves depends on how tight you twist in first step…its clear from pic, i used the drill a few more seconds…and results are good…it increases the strength level of the string.

i think it depends upon the adjustment of gap. just twist it tight for responsive play and untwist a little bit for unresponsive.(over tightening may cause structural damage and void warranty)so be carefull
answer to 2nd Q ,is that its phenomenal :wink:

After you play for about a day or a few, you will break into the lube in the bearing. Then, the bearing will spin a lot longer, and the yoyo will spin longer. This will make it unable to come up, and will be very consistent. When that happens, you have to learn how to bind.

So, after you break into the bearing, it will stay down, but wont come up, but will be consistent in doing so.

Number 2, you can’t stop it. When its spinning, some gyroscopic phenomenon thingy happens so its stable. When its not spinning, and its just hanging there, it will have to start tilting and twisting. You cant expect something to just hang there without twisting or turning.

Number 3, Any strings will work. Do what jawad said.

i had that 1st Q in mind at first i started spinning DM
Andre replied…
ANDRE:try adjusting the gap - also the better you break in the bearing the smoother it should spin. Enjoy! :slight_smile:
rsmod123 is saying the same… :slight_smile:

Ya it, some people prefer unresponsive play(like me).here is a video on adustable gaps if you havent seen it already:

Answer 1. you need bind return

Answer 2. you need to bind return the yoyo before your yoyo lean side to side

Answer 3. yes you can. i think :-\

I also got a Dark Magic and its bad as a beginner Yo-Yo cause you cant get it up by just tugging the string back up. You need binds.

  1. When you want your Yo-Yo to come up learn binds. Youll find a nice video on this site
    YoYoExpert.com - Intermediate - Bind Returns
    A bind simply means that you throw an extra string into the Yo-Yo gap to make the Yo-Yo return to your hand.

  2. Yo-Yos sometimes lean to one side after spinning a bit. You can fix this by simply going into any kinda trick and move the strings with your hands.
    Example: You throw a trapeze and you move your non-throw hand to one side and your throw hand to the other side a bit and the Yo-Yo will lean to one side. You gotta learn with which moves the Yo-Yo moves to the desired side but you will learn that easily.

  3. There are different opinions about Yo-Yo Strings. The most common strings are 100% cotton and 50% cotton 50% polyester. Some people also use other wicked stuff like G-String or Angel Hair…
    I use 50/50 because they last longer then 100% cotton strings.

Hope this helped :slight_smile:

Greetz Dirty

I must say I felt slightly relieved after reading your post and seeing that I am not the only one that got hit in the face learning to yoyo :stuck_out_tongue: I got a cool black eye and was scared to death of throwing it again.

Enjoy your DM, I’m waiting on mine to come in the mail!

What is the trick that is in the video at 4:31?

  1. The resin the yo yo doesn’t come back is because its what yo-yoers call unresponsive. To make it responsive there are many ways to do this. 1 is what we call double raping. To double rap a yo-yo string is to basically make it go around the axle twice. To do this simply untwist the string till it looks like the diagram. take the loop and twist it and than place it over one half of the yo-yo.

Sorry about the cruddy diagram and the misprint at the last part it says unresponsively when I meant responsively. I hope it helps, well at least a little bit.
2 this is what happens when a yoyo stops spinning fast enough. simply re throw it.
3.you can use any string you want but i highly suggest you buy some from hear or yoyonation. you can also make your own.

Keep it spinning™


Thats the trick you’re looking for.

The picture is getting really old, really fast.

I didnt even smile when seeing it this time.

Haha its probably because i used it 3-5 times already :stuck_out_tongue:

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Also, its tilting and leaning to one side and stopping right? My guess is that your sleeper is a little tilted and also the phenomena of the yoyo (its a gyroscope).