Synergy or hustacks

Synergy or hustacks? Synergy caps replaces the side cap and the hubstack is part of the axle. Which do you prefer more?

Really depends on you. I think they are almost the some thing except synergy caps are for yoyojams and hubstacks are usually for yoyofactories and others. Fix me if I’m wrong

The thing is is that synergy caps can make your yoyo wobble depending on which yoyo you have and they are much louder and make it not as smooth, in my opinion. They are still awesome though, and they also make it easier to catch. Hub stacks are quiter, smoother, and don’t make the yoyo wobble but they are harder to catch.

I don’t really like them. Never tried Synergy caps but I don’t think I need to, and hubstacks are somewhat loud. Ever heard of the Spinfaktor HG? Yeah, amazing plastic, no hubstacks, awesomeness.

i got a stacked pgm
and its great but
i dont do hub tricks that much
but its mostly beacause im still in intermidiate level
and trying to get those tricks down