Synergy or Hubstacks?

I just ordered a pair of synergy caps for my Dark Magic yoyo. I was just wondering… what’s the dang difference between the caps and the hubstacks? Which is better? Please respond!

One is a product of YoYoFactory, the other is a product of YoYoJam. Synergy caps use B bearings. Hubstacks use A bearings. Synergy caps fit where the sidecaps normally are. Hubstack posts are either machined into the yo-yo or special nuts are used that have the hubstack posts machined into them (in the case of the PGM and FHZ stack nuts).

Synergy Caps fit mostly yoyojam yo-yos and I’ve never seen like a Duncan with with them yet. Yoyofactory Stacks (Hubstacks aren’t the only ones out there) can fit all sorts of yo-yos besides a stock YYJ unless you mod it.

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I’m holding my renegades bearing up to my synergy cap bearing, they aren’t size b…

from what i have played with the hubstacks are way more balanced than the synergy caps also. and not nearly as noisy.

Adding to that:

Synergy Caps are said to have a vibe that’s noticeable. Hubstacks are more stable and have a lot better control.

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