Hubstacks and Synergy Caps

What’s the difference, what do they do, and which one’s better? ???


These devices allow you to hold the yoyo mid air while its spinning. hubstacks imo are better because they are built into the yoyo and do not affect the play as much as synergy caps, but to be honest there are few tricks you can do with them and i never use mine. by the way you need to have a yoyo with caps to use synergy caps.

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the hub stacks are attatched to the middle of the hub (the opposite side of the axle). Synergy caps are a plastic circle, with a bearing and a textured knob protruding from the center. they work in Dark Magic’s and X-Convict’s last time I checked.
I have a couple throws with hub stack, but rarely use that feature. they do get in the way of grinds a bit, but I’m not a big grinder anyway.
Synergy caps on the other hand are loud and cumbersome in my opinion. At least the Dark Magic ones were. I still havent tried them on my x-convict yet buy they are quite a bit smaller that the dm ones.

Unfortunately YoYoJam has temporarily discontinued the Synergy caps due to some manufacturing issues with them.

We are still waiting for word on when and if these will be available again.

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