hub stacks

i wana see some videos of people using hub stacks.

heres a good one from another topic


This has a few.

now i want some bad!!! i have a Speeder and i am getting a DM. if i get hubstacks, what is better to attach them to

You could stack the DM but it’s hard. Just get a PGM.

that second vid is freakin awesome. Who is that? and do they have anymore sweet as vids?

hub stacks get boring after a while. there not worth 20 bucks more so you can just grab. they coukd put more wait to make up the hubstack weight

well i decided i will get hubstacks but i am not sure what kind. there are a lot on this websight. YoYoJam Synergy Caps are the same as hubstacks right? because i need to put them on a DM

They’re different, but offer similar play.

go for 'em!

You know they don’t go on any yoyo right cuz that is what it sounds like your saying.