Hub stacks in a YYJ?

I was wondering if you could put Hubstacks into an ENEME. Or Z-stacks.

yyj has these things called synergy caps, which are just their version of hubstacks basically.
They also made a throw that I can’t remember the name of which had the entire rim spin. Auldey made a bootleg of it called the photon spirit

The YYJ Synergy and Auldey Photon Spirit both have free-spinning rims, but the methods used to achieve this are reasonably different. Hardly a bootleg ::slight_smile:

And in answer to the OPs question, I’m not sure. Considering the axle is exposed you probably could. You’d need a longer replacement axle and you’d probably also need to slightly damage the ENEME to push the axle out the side of the yoyo.

the Synergy was awful, unplayable.

What about the lateral caps that are new made for the YYJ quest?

The synergy caps were pretty poor performance wise in most yoyos. Pretty crazy vibe. They were tons of fun in the Aquarius though. Kinda regret selling mine…

Anyways, even if you could get your hands on some synergy caps (they’re pretty rare) they won’t fit on the eneme.

As for the lateral caps, they’re not exactly like hubstacks. They’re basically just Delrin caps with divits to hold the yoyo with. Much more similar to matador than hubstack play. Plus, the lateral caps only fit two? of yoyojam’s yoyos, the quest and the new rextreme.

Really, you’re better off just investing in a pre hubstacked yoyo.

Oh, and also, while the synergy was the first yoyo with bearings in the rims (at least the first that was ever taken seriously), a few other companies tried out the design. Ironically, while yoyojam did it first, they also probably did it the worst. Really though, yoyos with bearings on the rims play terribly, so they were all pretty bad.


YYJ will be releasing a new yoyo called “Theory” it will have compatibility with Lateral Caps.

The Collid3r takes laterals by the way but the eneme wont. It would probably take some modification to stack the eneme.