A few questions

I just got a package from YYE. When I opened it, I found out that I should have looked at how to use the stuff before I got it. Can someone just help me figure out how to use some of this stuff?

Shirt: I know how to use this

Shims: How do I put shims on my yoyo? Does it matter what yoyo I have?

Synergy caps: I put these on and I immediatly figured out how to pull start my yoyo (my DM). I just don’t know how to use them in other ways. How do I take them off? And theres something else. Everyone says it should be wobbly. Mine doesn’t wobble at all. Is that a problem?

Mighty Flea: This came natturall to me.

shims: Just open up the yoyo, remove the bearing. You might need pliers. Then, you will see some circles, those are the bearing seats. Put the shims on. Then after putting the shims on, put the bearings on. Its just putting something to space out the bearing and the side of the yoyo, so its less responsive.

Synergy caps: Just remove the handle things, so that you see the bearing. You can just pull off the handles. If you’re lucky, the synergy cap will fly off with it. If not, you will see two holes. Take a metal rod that fits inside one of them, and pry it off. You might be worried about damaging them, but they wont be damaged lol.

Its a good thing if it doesnt wobble. It could just be that you put them on perfectly, luck, or b/c the Dark Magic is a very stable yoyo. The wobbling also tends to occur towards the end of the throw.

Ok with the shims, yes it depends on the yoyo… as does the type of shims they are.

I’m guessing you have a yyj yoyo (with a large or C sized bearing) and are using yyj shims, if this is the case you just need to do what rsmod123 has posted.

how do you take off the caps on the legacy to put on the syn caps

You don’t.

Ya,but if you wanted to:suction cup.

Oh, der. I was thinking about the metal weight ring. I’m just used to seeing my Legacy without caps already.

lol,I keep my caps on.

I’m preserving them so that they won’t wear out.

Mine arent wearing out super fast,but they are.

thanx ill try that! lol

Oh, and also, when you put on the shims, make sure not to tighten the yoyo too much as to snap them.