yoyojam synergy caps

how do you put them in?

Well, you need to order the same size of the caps and then take out the caps in your YYJ yoyo. Then just put the synergy caps like you would put in regular caps.

I ordered size one for my x-convict and it is to loose.


maybe just a vibe but i have never played with synergy caps

They wont stick in the yoyo.

please answer

You have to take out the caps. put a suction cup on the round piece of plastic with the pic behind it and pull till it comes out. Duct tape also works. put near the edge and yank. then, pull the little spinny part off of the synergy cap so you can see the bearing as you will need the room to press it in. put the cap, bearing side out, where the pic used to be by pressing around the edges till it’s seated. Lastly put the spinny things back on. Done.
To remove, put round object in the hole and pry.
did you get the right size?

yes its still not snapping in

push harder

they are the same size as the plastic picture thing you took out. right?

your quote dissapeard. did you get it in? ???



try pushin one side in, then work your way around the edge with your thumbs

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how do you take them off

You pull the knob off and put a phillips head screw driver in one of the holes. they you just pry a little and it will pop out.


Not a problem.