Onestar caps

I can’t get the caps back in my YYF Onestar I have tried all I know but I can’t get them in. Can someone please help?

You shouldn’t have taken them out.

Best of luck getting them back in there. They weren’t supposed to come out. Best I can say is keep at it and hopefully something falls into place.

I’ve taken my onestars caps out and put them in at least 8 times. You just need to make a stragety. I try to get 1/4th of it in , then take this pen thing and push on ge caps (it hurts my thumbs). Its really hard to explain… I play with 1 in. Just for looks O0

I get 2 sharpies or high lighters and press the caps in with them on both sides of the cap, it goes in a lot easier than using your fingers.

Can you post a picture of it? I’m curious if I should take them out or not.

Umm K 1 sec bro
edit: k here, it has no caps (blue colorway)

thanks man I’ll try that!!! :slight_smile:

How does one take the caps off?

How does one take the caps off?

what i do is unscrew the yoyo, and smash the axle on a table. dont worry, i was scared to do it too,so you can gently put the side on a table, and push down if you know what i mean.

then too get the otherside, i took out the axle and put it onto the hole on the other side, then smash it again ;D

good luck! :smiley: :smiley:

My zebra caps are too FABULOUS to be removed

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that was brilliant.

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Lol, I dont have the zebra ones… Haha

Just got them
Back in thanks to every ones ideas!!!