YYF one Ganc caps???

What is the secret to get these caps back in? I’m killing myself trying to get me in. I mean do you guys have any pointers? Cause I’m stumped. Lol

Never mind guys I finally got it. Boy that was tough. I guess I was afraid I was going to brek something at first. You gotta press real hard. All good now though.

If you don’t take them out, you don’t gotta put them back in. Problem solved

Yea thanks for stating the obvious guy. But idk about u, I usually always take them all the way apart when I first get to see what it’s like n how it’s made. Also it seems a bit light tis throw and I know I can add a ring of flow able under the caps to add some weight if I’d like. So I was curious to see how it was removing the caps

I took the caps off of my little brother’s brand new One, his first yoyo. Oh boy that did not go well for me…

Well anyways, i got the caps back in with the back of a spoon.

A spoon? Now that I think about it, that prolly does work well. It was hell for me.my hands where killing me. But I got it done eventually. I just hope that’s the only throw like that going forward lol.