YYF One Caps

I can’t remove the caps in a One. I want to teach a yoyo class, and give all the kids Ones with a custom label inside, since the ones caps are basically pogs with a piece of plastic over them, I can insert my own label. I tried a Nerf dart, but it wouldn’t work. Please help!

Take the yoyo apart and put a lot of force onto the axle, but real nice even pressure. It will pop out the cap easily. Then, take out the axle and put it into the other halve. Put the pressure on again and pop te other cap out. Mod as much as you please.

How to put back YYF One caps? Lol

Superglue. Lol Jk u should be able to just pop them back in.


Did u make sure the nut and the end of the screw or whatever are pushed back in all the way before trying to put the caps back in?