YYF ONEstar questions

does it have caps that feel cheap like the ONE? if so, are they removeable? What does the hub look like under the cap? Do the caps flex if you push on them? looking for answers =]

The caps are glued in and are of strong plastic they do not maje any sound abd the inner hub kinda look like a donut mold

I’m pretty sure the weight of the caps is fairly substanstial too

You’re in luck, I just happen to have one right on my desk!

The caps are pretty sturdy, not cheap feeling, they will not flex if you push on them. And they are not glued, they’re press fit, but they are a little hard to get out. The total weight of the caps is around 3 grams so it may be considered substantial to some people.


thanks, I wanted to know because I plan on buying a few to do some mods.

in case anyone was wondering, I plan on doing a satin all around to make a nice grinding surface, then maybe carving out a thumb grinding ring. we’ll see how it goes ;D