Genuine YYj theory

So who’s getting the theory? If so, is it good? Is it worth 65$?

It looks really interesting to me. I’m guessing it will be worth it. 65 isn’t too bad.

I would if I weren’t broke. crysis 3 and sc2 expac preorder have left me without much spending money.

I will definitely be getting one. I really like the specs and the concave catch zone, plus the caps are interesting.

They play quite well. I definitely recommend buying one.

How do the caps work? Are they on a bearing on the nipple like yyfs?

nope, just slick plastic

nope. they’re just delrin caps, like yyj’s lateral caps

I found it to play a bit heavy. Otherwise, it’s great!

Just a tad bit heavy.

In that case, I may buy it. I like heavy yoyos!

Do caps come off?

The caps don’t come off.

Well they could… ::slight_smile: if you…KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!

Im interested in the theory however it looks like the caps may add some vibe and un-necessary vibe. I would like to see yoyojam release a cap-less theory as well, for people who are not so interested in doing tricks that need the caps

All the ones I threw were very smooth, so I wouldn’t worry about vibe.

I’m sure they could release a cap-less version if they wanted to be like everyone else.

The caps look GREAT, I especially love the bright yellow/green plastic on the available YYE run. They look nice and solid too; I’m willing to bet it adds no significant vibe and is worth the solid feel. Kinda like the Classic caps, except it looks like they rounded the rims quite a bit (thank you!!!).

That’s my take, haven’t tried it… yet :slight_smile:

am i the only one who thinks it looks a lot like a shinwoo zen 5

It reminds me of a code 1

it’s a sort of similar shape. but there are hardly any new throws with a completely unique shape nowadays.