YYJ Caps

Not sure if this is in the right section couldnt think of where to put it so sorry if it is in the wrong section. Back to my main question how come so many people like to take out the caps for YYJ yoyos? Is it just so you could do IRG’s or is it just because you dont like how it looks. IMO i actually really like the caps for most yyj yoyos the only ones i actually took off were the ones on my DM2 so i could do IRG’s

Never understood that myself. I think in most cases a yoyo w/o caps looks unfinished. The exception of course being a nice metal.

I agree too a yoyo w/o caps does look unfinished but that is why i wonder why about everyone does it

I prefer caps on. I even like capped metal yoyos like the pure or severe. I heard that some people do it to reduce the weight of the yoyo though.

I noticed some YoYoJams have a nicer feeling when capless. For example, both the X-Con Pro and the Vigilante have a lighter feeling when capless.

I kept my caps on when I played just because it looked nicer. I feel that my atmosphere/DM would perform better without the caps. The caps made it rattle and sound different, less solid.

I like the caps. I l like a finished look. Almost ALL my YYJ’s have their caps. Any that don’t have been bought used OR don’t use caps in the first place. Such as, the Big Yo doesn’t have caps.

However, the caps on my DM2 have always been a tad loose. At BAC, I’ll go buy another blue one, and then remove the caps from my existing one. They’ve fallen out a few times and they rattle around a bit and it’s annoying. I love this yoyo and will never get rid of it. If nobody is selling one NEW at BAC, I’ll order one at YYE on Monday after BAC. Of all the ones I have, this is my absolute favorite. I even have a clear one so I won’t have DM2 withdrawal when I silicone one. I’m also buying additional DM2’s in the colors I want.

But in general, I like “factory stock” looks whenever possible.

Even on BST, I look for the caps to be in them. I’ve got 3 Aquarius without the caps and I’m fine with that, and a modified Hitman without caps. The rest of my YYJ’s have their caps. Looking to get a white, black and red with caps for sure.

Keep in mind they come out for a reason, so it’s nice to have the choice. I just choose to NOT use that option!

Common that most people including myself feel all yoyojam yoyos play 10x better with caps off!

I disagree, but that is because of my preferences. I feel they play better with the caps IN. I prefer heavier and slower, and the caps in adds weight.

I like them with caps :slight_smile: I like to cut out a circle of the same shape as the caps out of white paper and draw on it an then glue it to the caps it’s fun :slight_smile:

Removing caps removes weight that is usually located near the rim, giving you a slightly lighter and more center-weighted yoyo.

I always thought the argument was that it improves weight distribution by increasing the ratio of weight on the rims.

As the caps are on the inner rim of the yoyo, you will be losing centre weight.

Well I only took the caps off my YYJ Atmosphere so I could perform thumb grind easier. Though I have to say they do make a difference since I only took one side off and it is not as forgiving with bad throws and will lean to one side.

Yes. That is how it works

A tiny drop of Elmer’s (white glue) works wonders.

Yes, I know. However, my kids think it’s more fun to open the cap and let it dry out… I was going to do that until I noticed the container was almost entirely exactly like a plastic wrapped brick!

I’ll be near Office Depot today. I’ll go pick some up. Thank you for the reminder of things I need to do!

Hmm its always just preference huh lol

Almost everything yoyo is preference. Bearings, bearing size, bearing shape, string, yoyo shape, yoyo dimensions, caps in/out, stacks on/off. Yeah, it’s endless!

String length :stuck_out_tongue: response type, lube/ no lube :slight_smile: