What I dont undrestand.


Why is it that when I try to find a YYJ bi-metal in the BST, that practically all of them are missing there caps?
Tha caps are awesome. Why are so many non existant?

(M.DeV1) #2

i think people keep em. like a remeberence thing ya know?


The caps tend to run away during the night.

(Jei Cheetah) #4

“Yoyojams play best without the caps. Anyone who says otherwise isn’t a real yoyoer.”

(Connor) #5

So true.



I agree with josh… They play a lot better with the caps out, but most of the caps look cool in… It’s an individual basis


Well, I don’t get it either. I have a Speeder 2 and I have no way of easily taking the caps out. But, I dont want the caps out anyways. My DM2 looks best with the caps in, and right now I don’t care about IRG. Granted, one of the caps has always been a bit loose so the yoyo makes a bit of noise with the caps in, but hey, I like it. My Speeder 2 is very quiet.

To each their own. I like how things look with the caps in. I figure they put them there for a reason. However, as much as I like the DM2, it seems like it was meant to be used with the caps out based on how Andre works that thing.

Maybe I’ll get another DM2 and pop the caps out when and if I get into grinds!


I took out one of the caps in my Dark magic then later on took out the second one and lost both…

(M²) #10

Part of the reason I don’t like capped yoyos. They do play better without the caps, but they look so much better with them. When you take them off, they (imho) look absolutely terrible. It would be nice if they made a bi-metal that looked good without the caps.


True… The Xconvict look awesome with caps on, but play soo much better with caps out.
But the kickside looks awesome with caps out. IMHO.

and the caps tends to accidentally pops out when the yoyo hit a solid surface. That is how I think most people lost their caps.


I respectfully disagree. :wink:


Statement is only true if caps don’t rattle and you prefer a lighter yoyo and on bi-metals. I prefer one cap out on my bi-metals.


I think the Hiroyuki Suzuki signature models are designed to work best and look best with the caps in. But, he doesn’t doing any IRG stuff, so it makes sense.


I can’t play my DMII with the caps out…too light.

The upcoming Vigilante looks pretty sick without caps in.

I agree that YYJ’s look gross without the caps…and tarnished rims…


If you care so much about them, send an envelope with a request for the caps you want and they will send them back for free.


… i lost my caps for GO BIG … cus i dropped it and it ran away under my bed… lol

now only one side has caps on.

but yeah i think people mostly loose them!!


I have the agree that all the yyj capped yoyos I have played play better without caps.

also, i have not tried it, but doesn’t keeping one cap in make it vibe due to uneven weight placement?

(WildCat23) #19

Nope. it’s called gyroscopic precession.


I’ve popped my Speeder 2 and DM2 off the carpet over a tile floor pretty darn hard a couple of times by accident. Caps stayed in just fine. The brass weight ring on my Speeder 2 came off a bit, but that went back on with a simple press.

I have to wonder how hard a blow would a yoyo have to take to get the caps to pop out?