Should i keep my YYJ caps on or off


i really cant decide, for me ive never really liked plastic on my yoyo but i think it gives it a great design, when they are off it feels a lot smoother, right now i dont grind very much so i dont worry about that. My yoyo is the Night Moves 5, what would you do?

(Mitch) #2

I prefer on… Play both ways and decide which you like better


I like mine off, makes the yoyos more stable and smooth.


I’ve been rockin a DM around without caps for a month now and its simply nice!


I took off my Big Ben caps and to me it did not feel right, and ever since then I can hear sounds, like one cap spins freely as the yo-yo is sleeping.


Its all a matter of preference.


It’s up to you…
I don’t like when I take off the caps on my New Breed… I don’t like it when I put it on either…
So I take off only one, and it plays great for me…
Everything is based on yourself…