DM without the caps...

Is it just me or does the YYJ Dark Magic play a hecka-lot smoother without the caps in?

Seems like it just plays better without them- It’s probably psychosomatic but I’ll take it. Felt like the throw answered my beckoning easier without them.

Maybe it’s an aerodynamic issue? Anyone else with a similar experience?

Oh yeah- and how are the YYJ silicone o-ring inserts compared to the stock o-ring?

Thanks much!

i think the make it a little lighter

I’ve had exactly the same experience. I took my caps off, and it looks better, plays better, and feels better. Not only that, but now I can do some thumb grinds ;D. If you want the truth, any yoyo looks a lot better without caps.

That was one of the reasons i didn’t buy a DM because I didn’t know you could take off the caps and I hated how it looked with caps lol

My caps keep falling off so I decide to play without it. LOL!!!

Definitely plays smoother (and IMO better overall) without caps.