Need help with my DM2?

I was just wondering if its worth the time and effort to take the caps off my dark magic two? is it actually worth doing or should i just not worry about it? Thanks.

It’s worth it if you want an IRG and a slightly lighter yoyo.

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Check out this video

Caps are only there because they look good and the only time you need them is during a thumb grind but every other time, it doesn’t really matter if you need them or not. Here’s a video tutorial for a thumb grind.

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I like how the caps look in the yoyo, and that’s how I like my DM2.

However, if you want to do IRG’s, then those caps have simply got to come out as it’s otherwise going to be extremely difficult to do them with the caps IN the yoyo. Use some duct tape, electrical tape, gaffer tape(don’t make a special trip, use what you got laying around), or a suction cup and pop the caps off.

The caps do add weight, so your yoyo will be slightly heavier, but I doubt it will affect performance much if they both come out. Put them in a a safe place in case you want to add a little value to your yoyo on BST later on.

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