yoyo caps


I took both the caps off my dark magic 2. Will this hurt its play in anyway, or am I just being paranoid?


Won’t hurt at all. It’ll take a chunk of weight off which should make it a bit more agile but that’s more of a preference thing. If you like it without caps, go for it!



Yes. Caps are a preference thing.
I like 'em BTW.


The only negative will be is if you like the weight with the caps in. That’s it. Solution? Pop them back in!

I like my DM2 caps in. Some people play both in, one in, both out. There’s no right, only what works for you.


Nothing wrong with caps out, with my DM2 I use one in because one is loose and the other won’t come out.


No won’t hurt at all the DM will be a bit lighter (I doubt you’ll be able to notice the slight difference it’s a very tiny portion of weight) but if you decide to take one out and keep one in you might have to slightly adjust your throws (unbalance issues)


Nothing, it will be lighter, and enable thumb grinds! =D


Caps add a hair of vibe and center weight. Not a lot, but enough to hurt play a bit.


Personally, I think that is BS.


Personally, I concur. Otherwise, manufacturers would give up designs with caps entirely.


I’m really sensitive to vibe, so it is probably just a matter of perspective. I don’t doubt it feels the same to you guys.