So I’ve been wondering recently, how do caps effect play? I’m talking mainly about the Severe, where the little description of the yoyo says (From the YYE store):

“Currently available is SEVERE in the standard “Capless” version in a slick black red acid wash finish. Also available in special edition Wavelength in Red and Blue that include self-adhesive caps for added weight and a different overall feel!In StockYYF_SEV-5Black Red Acid Wash (Capless)”

Can the caps really effect play so much it should be mentioned here?

yeah, the caps prolly add a few grams. I personally like a heavier yoyo, so it’s all down to preference.

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The 2010 Severe with caps, weighs 67 grams. The capless weighs 67 grams with extra weight added to the metal to make it add up. And the caps don’t affect the play, but the feel. The caps give it a unique feel, same as the capless too. It just comes down to preference. The caps give the 2010 Severe a more solid feel, but the capless has more of a unique feel, and they both feel slightly different, but does not affect playability of the yoyo. Their both really great and awesome.

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I could have said it better but the outcome would have been the same. lol

Sorry, I tried my best.

haha I was messin with ya.

So you think it made sense and cleared his question up?

made perfect sense to me. Very good post bro.

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Thanks man.

I understand this is probobly already cleared up, but give andre his due, I think he explained it very well.

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