YYF SEVERE: You Don't Know It But You Will Love It

Welcome to the first full review of Yoyo Factory’s new yoyo in it’s Wave 2 Champion Collection modeled after the Supernova and U.S. National champ Tyler Severance’s new signature yoyo, the Severe. Now before I say anything about this yoyo, I have to let it be known that I took out the standard response and switched it with IrPads, I also replaced the stock CBC bearing with a Dif-e-Yo Konkave because the CBC was god awful. Do yourself a major favor if you decide to get this yoyo, get a different bearing. The pads were fine but I replaced them anyway. Well now that that’s over, here’s the review. Oh but one more thing, I will link pictures down below of the Severe, along with comparison shots of the Severe next to the Code 2 and Capless.

Diameter: 56.17 mm / 2.21 inches
Width: 44 mm / 1.73 inches
Response System: CBC Slim Pad Size 19mm OD
Weight: 65.6 grams
Bearing Size: Center Trac Bearing by CBC

First Impressions
Ran home to see a beautiful package in the mail, none other than what I’d been waiting for. My white Severe with assorted other goodies! I open the YYE package only to confront myself with that classic YYF box. The box I know, and hate. I tried so hard to open it without ripping the box, but I quit and just opened it from the bottom (which I can’t yet put back together). The Severe in all of it’s beauty, my first delrin throw, I was eager to play with it. Throw on some normal Kitty String (highly recommended) and throw it for the first time. It was great at first, although a bit wobbly. I clean up the CBC (soon to be replaced) and most of the wobble was gone, and it was very smooth. Not Code 2 smooth, but smooth.

Some Comparison
Now the cheapest thing next to my Severe is my Capless, then the Code 2. I have other yoyo’s but are using those two since they are popular among the community, and also for the sake of making things easier. The Severe is lighter than both both of those yoyo’s, weighing in at 65.6 grams. The Capless is 65.9 grams, and the Code 2 is 66.8 grams. I guess you could say the weight differences aren’t severely different. The same goes for size and width of these yoyos. The Capless and Code 2 are definitely smoother than the Severe, but in all honesty my Severe can survive longer on one throw than my Capless can. The Severe grinds better than both of them, and the difference in vibe between the three of them is not drastic.

Play And More In Depth Stuff
The Severe is a real player. It will do anything you throw at it. The binds are really nice, better than the Capless and maybe the Code 2. It grinds like an absolute beast, but it lacks an area large enough for IRG’s (AKA thumb grinds). The caps cause the yoyo to be completely incapable of IRG’s. So if you live for IRG’s, this isn’t your yoyo. In every other aspect though, the Severe is an amazing yoyo. I tested about how long it could last while I was throwing tricks at normal speeds, and I returned it successfully to my hand at around 68 seconds of advanced to expert (according to YYE’s learning chart) level tricks. WOW. That is a long time. Overall the play is great for a plastic yoyo. The Severe is definitely capable of anything you can throw at it and more.

For a cool $44.99, this new delrin yoyo will blow your mind. It may be plastic, but in my mind, it may as well be a metal because of how well it performs. Looking for a new outdoor throw, competition throw, or anything else? You will definitely want to go with the Severe. Do hope you enjoyed the review and I am humbled to be the first reviewer of this great yoyo out there. Thanks for reading and I hope if you do end up getting the Severe you enjoy it because it truly is a great throw.

Pictures (imgur because there are so many pictures imgur is easier): http://imgur.com/ZWIRL,vE5OR,pQonx,gvP2M,HMAai,2hriO,7whRd,7cYg8,YlRHm,tTQsa,IbO85#0

IrPads(Normal Size): http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/725/IrPad-19mm-Standard-Pads-(Pair)


Konkave Bearing:http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/manufacturer/7/Dif-E-Yo

Kitty String(Standard): http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/545/Kitty-String---100-Count-(Normal)

Nice review! I planning to get this yoyo but I just need to save up, I think this will be one of the best plastic with the protostar and northstar

I got a white one… It is Outstanding! And in making that statement, I was not even factoring in the Economical price tag. For 40 something bucks, the yoyo is Exceptional.

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Okay, indescribable level of wantage. Nice review btw.

I’d love to try one of these…How does it compare to the Supernova or the previous Severes?

And on a side note, why does everyone have so much trouble opening the YYF Boxes? You simply open the top, pull up on the little tabs, and the entire cardboard centerpiece comes out yoyo and all… Perhaps I’ve just been lucky with mine, but I’ve opened about 5 of these boxes and have never had to struggle with any of them O.o’

Good review. I have that problem with boxes, too. Like every other box I open does that.

Don’t have a Supernova or the old metal Severe so I can’t help ypu, but I don’t want to rip the box and it’s just so impossible

Thanks for the review.

Most importantly… We will be introducing all new packaging in 2013!!!

cant wait

Do the caps come off?

I haven’t gotten mine yet but assume the caps pop right out

I may not buy it if they don’t… So if anyone knows haha

They do

It’s a few grams lighter then the 2012 Supernova, so it seems like you sacrifice
a bit of spin time. But as you get more used to it, you can adjust your throw/how
you handle it on the string and get roughly the same amount of spin time.

They do. With a suction cup.


Do you prefer it with or without them? I know some throws make an awful sound with the caps on.

just got mine and it is awesome