yyf severe

Weight: 65.6 Grams
Diameter: 56.17 mm
Bearing: Large C Center Trac
Response: Silicone
shape: H/hourglass
material: delrin/acetal

first throw:
on the first throw it pretty good, i mean honestly i have seen people say that this throw has vibe but this can be fixed if you remove the caps. this yoyo is supeior in horizontal due to the shape, beast at grinds heck it better than at grinds at any metal yoyo, last that it awesome at 5a and great at 1a.

score- 9/10

the yoyo has a axle system simmliar to yoyojam’s spin axle system but the only diffrence it the very tight bearing seat. the bearing come with a center trac with is good but i think it better with a triactecta, terrapin or onedrop ten ball. also the pads are red cbc pad which can wear down very quick so i would recommend ir pads or flowable silli.
score: 9/10

the grinds on this yoyo is better than any metal i played, it can grind atleast 13 seconds at best for me, but irg is okay but is to small to put your thumb in.
score: 9/10

final thought:
if you need a good compantion throw,everyday throw, or 5a throw this is for you.

final score: 98/100
severe ownere: if your experience vibe remove the caps and make sure your bearing is flat against the bearing seat. also replace comp pads with ir pads or flowable sili( whatever you like).

Hey did it vibe with the caps in

You’re talking about the Derlin Severe, right?
I’d wanted one of those forever, and yet when I finally got to try one, I was pretty unimpressed. But then again, it WAS just a tester yoyo, so it was probably in bad shape. RIGHT after I was done, a little boy picked it up and slammed it into the floor… I’m glad you like yours, though. Good review!