Yoyojam revolution review!!!

So after a while of waiting for the new YYJ to be released I noticed something.I noticed that the yoyo came with 2 bearings, I wasn’t sure how this was gonna work but when I tried it, the two bearings were really effective.

First impressions.
So when I first saw the yoyo it looked nice.When I first held it in my hand it felt really good.
When i first threw it down it was incredibly silent.I was a little scared when i threw it down ,but after I did, I knew that it was perfect for me.

It was great.When I first threw it down with the stock bearing all i had to do was do a light tug and it would come flying back ,but I don’t like responsive so I quickly changed it.Then when I tried to take the bearing out it was incredibly hard to get out ,but I got it out with some pliers.When i tried it again with the speed bearing in, it was perfect for me. It never snagged like my DM. It handled all of my combos with ease ,and it had a lot of spin time left. My best sleeper time was about 3 minutes. It’s really hard to do thumb grind with it ,but for grinding it felt nice. It glided across my arm ,but after a while it made a weird sound, then boom it fell apart. I think it was my fault, because i was scared that i would over tighten it so I think that was my fault. Also because of the way i hold the yoyo the color on the sides started to fade.


Diameter: 54.20mm/2.13 inches
Width: 40.27mm/1.59 inches
Gap Width: Large bearing-4.95mm/0.19inches Small bearing-3.00mm/0.12inches
Response:Silicone o-rings! (my favorite!!!)
Weight: 67.1 grams
Bearing size: C

Its really smooth no vibe at all.
Great for grinding imo.
Has a good feel in my hand.
Has never snagged yet
You can change it from responsive to unresponsive
Has nice tight binds

Cons not many
The color on the side started to fade a bit
It fell apart during play, but it might of been my fault.

Well i like my revolution a lot more than my DM, the Dm is a bit bigger but i’m not really digging the size of my DM. The DM is much easier to thumb grind with. My revolution is vibeless while my DM has a little vibe.

Final Thoughts
I really like this yoyo.Its not the greatest for thumb grinds ,but in my opinion its great for grinds.
The 2 bearings is really great because for the stock bearing all you need is a tug and it comes right back. The only things I didn’t like is that the color started to fade on the sides and the bearing is really hard to get out ,but it’s still a great yoyo and I would incourage anyone to buy this yoyo.

Btw this is my first review :smiley: So some tips for a next review would be great :stuck_out_tongue:

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hey man great review. i would say you should have some pics possibly. so the yoyo came with a lubed bearing and a speed bearing? thats pretty awesome to bad its not that good for thumb grind and the color fades but good review

Are the caps removable?

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yup just took em off today

i am thinking of getting one thanks ;D

That was a great review! :smiley: This is going to be my next yoyo purchase. :wink:

Mine too but, I am going to take out the caps as soon as I can because they are ugly.

nice review i hope this is the special edition yoyo at worlds

it made a weird noise and fell apart cuz wen u catch its somtimes unscrews as u catch it and wen u throw it down its a little bit unscrewed and it makes that weird noise. it probably fell apart cuz it unscrewed all the way.