Review: Yoyojam legacy (BIG PICS)


This was my first professional grade yoyo. Before this, I had thrown a ned-yo boomerang, a peterfish luminator, peterfish dominator and a peterfish originator. I had learned to bind beforehand.
The day this yoyo arrived, I was not home. So the next day, I stopped at the post office before school started and went to school with this beast in my pocket.

Manufacturer YoYoJam
Shape Wing
Weight (g) 70.30
Width (mm) 40.32
Diameter (mm) 55.40
Gap Width (mm) 4.22
Bearing Size .250 x .500 x .187 in (size c)
Gap Type Fixed
response YoYoJam Silicone Pad

First impressions:
Wow, those caps are beautiful. The pictures on yoyoexpert don’t show the detail that the stamped caps have. The color I got was black with black stamped caps. Upon opening the new plastic yoyojam box (which I may say was very strong) the silicone pads were applied perfectly. However, I have heard reports of mis-applied silicone stickers. My legacy was riddled in machine marks. The speed bearing spun for about 5 seconds on a flick. Previous runs of this yoyo have come with lubed bearings, or response stickers backed with paper. The celcon on this yoyo is strong. I have smashed this yoyo in many places, The floor, the ceiling, asphalt, my sisters face, my face, my teeth and this yoyo is still holding up strong after a satin.A surprising fact was the string was wound on the yoyo yet the string still had a new string feel.

Construction, weight, bearing and response:
The legacy is not a plastic yoyo according to my terms. I classify the legacy as a dark magic coated in plastic with a fixed gap. Underneath the plastic are metal weight rings, these add rim weight to really push out that spin. The yoyo itself has a highwall. The rims give the yoyo a v shape, making the catch zone nice and wide open. The silicone stickers I got were actually backed with paper and I was not aware of it. With the paper backing, I found the pads lasted a month or so (which is forever if you don’t play 10 hours a day like me.) The stickers gave nice and tight binds out of the box. The bearing is yoyojam’s standard 8ball. The bearing gets the job done. As a bonus, all yoyojam bearings are now pre-cleaned. The celcon on this yoyo, despite the machine marks, was very smooth, comfortable to the touch. Knowing Andre, this yoyo should grind well (with gloves/cloth)

This yoyo is a fantastic player. It reaches the bottom of the string with a nice, solid thunk. However, coincidentally, I have noticed a slightly floaty sensation. Nothing big, Y-factor kind of floaty with a hair of vibe to indicate spin time. When I pop the yoyo in the air, I get slight hang time. With a 55mm diameter, the legacy is full sized. However, the shape is comfortable and That 55mm I have found, is easy to maneuver through small spaces. Suicide loops are wide open. The stock string is springy however, can sometimes slip binds. The 4.22mm gap is easy to land the string on and whips, hops and lacerations were a breeze. However, this does not mean you can be sloppy. For example, playing fast and sloppy, I could get through 1 skin the gerbil with the yoyo severely tilting. On slow and controlled play, I got through 3 skin the gerbils with the yoyo spinning at low rpms. On top of that, you will break knuckles trying to do sloppy lacerations with this yoyo. The pads grab the string if you layer too many strings I counted 4-5 (however, you can get get 4 stings if you play precise), or the string rubs too much during lacerations. The pads however, do not grab yoyoexpert slick six sometimes does not gab. On a one handed bind (catch a plastic whip backwards and throw the loop with your thumb in into the response) the slick six was not catching. I switched to the godly snacktime string and binds were perfect. The weight rings add stability so that the legacy has a decent horizontal ability. On sloppy Gyroscopic flops, I got 10 revolutions. Finally, we get to the subject of grinds. When you think of grinding on the legacy you think two things:

1:It’s Andre’s signature series,it HAS to grind well.
2:Plastics can’t grind.

However, I am pleased to say, with a satin job, the legacy can grind! On cloth that is. On bare flesh, the yoyo shoots off. The caps are adhesive glued, if you can get them off, you may thumb grind. However, I get around 2 seconds on low friction medical tape. Not the best grinds, but at least you can grind.

Closing thoughts:
This yoyo is amazing. It’s smooth, stable, long spinning and it will stay in my case for years to come…and then some. This yoyo is a steal at $22. You can’t afford not to put this in your case!


Review written by Boguslawjan “mista8eight8” Mika who has successfully stolen features from other websites

feedback would be appreciated (this isnt a double post, the topic was already at the top!)

Great review, I agree with everything you said about it, except the grinds. I find this more grindable than you made it out to be.

If i didn’t already have one, this review would make me want to buy another one.

well, I scratched up my yoyo badly, that could’ve had an effect.

im thinking of getting one at worlds.

No need to think. Just do it.

I was able to remove my Legacy caps with suction cups. I’m pretty sure there was no glue on either the caps or the weight rings. Also, thumb grinding in the weight ring is very difficult unless you have really small fingers.

Oh, and sorry for you guys who think this is a necro.

Wow very detailed review. Great job.

Nice job on posting pictures from “that place” btw. lol

Nice review I love my legacy