YoYoJam Legacy

Hey Guys, Here is a review for my YYJ Legacy, First I will start with pros.


  1. Great spin time, My average spin with a strong throw was about 2 minutes and 45 sec.
  2. Response sistem, The silicon works real well because of the way It is placed In the yoyo.
    It goes In a groove so that it will not be responsive to your hand doing tricks, but when
    you do a bind It is still solid and catches the string.
  3. Made in America, this is great because you can allways trust that they are made the same
    every time.
  4. Weight, a little bit on the heavy side which is what i prefer for getting solid sleepers and
    solid tricks.
  5. Great feel, doesnt hurt your hand on fast binds and feels good when you throw.
  6. Can do almost every trick with precision.
  7. Cheap Price, Good Quality


  1. Occasionally, but not often will come back to your hand because of not so large gap.
  2. Made of plastic, There aren’t many problems with plastic except for big scratches.
  3. Bad for any type of grind.
  4. There isn’t much rim weight.

This is an amazing yoyo and is perfect for first timers learning 1a, it is solid
and is better than a lot of the more expensive all or part metal competitiors.
Another incredible yoyo by Andre Boulay.

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Thanks for the review!

Actually, the Legacy has more rim weight than any plastic yoyo out there. Take off the caps and see for yourself. And if you want better grinds, just sand it with a grit like 300. And doesn’t metal scratch just as easily as plastic? Other than that, good review.

Thanks!! Oh, well i didnt know about the rim weight, but as far as scratches go when you scrach a plastic it makes a dent in the plastic much deeper than metal, but with a metal It is just more noticeable because the coating comes off.