YYJ Legacy Review

So I recently got a yyj legacy and I decided to do a review on it.

The Legacy is a great yoyo.  The play is great, It's unresponsive, It's smooth, It's just awesome.  If you're not ready for a high priced metal yoyo, or you just don't have the money to buy a metal, the Legacy is the way to go.  The Legacy is an average sized yoyo.  It feels really great in your hand.  It's got pretty good spin times, it spins about 2 minutes.  When it comes to grinding, it's not the best, but It's okay.  I can arm grind with the Legacy, but it's not that good at it.  Obviously you can't thumb grind with it.  It plays really great on the string.  It has a pretty nice sized gap.  The overall appearance of the yoyo is pretty good, it looks nice, I have it in black and it looks pretty cool.  Here are the overall ratings for the yoyo.

Spin Time: 7/10
Grinds: 4/10
Play on the string: 9/10
Overall Rating: 8/10

In conclusion, this yoyo is awesome, and best of all, the amazing price of $22.50. What a great yoyo, I use it all the time, I’d totally recommend it. :slight_smile: ;D

Good review I love my legacy

Great yoyo FOR THE PRICE???

It’s a great yoyo, even if it were $50!

You need to cross out “for the price”

i wonder if it is good for 3a


The Legacy Rockz!

the legacy is pretty good for 3a, it’s better when it is just a little bit responsive though

hes not just saying its a good yoyo. hes saying that for the price of 20 bucks compared to some other yoyos its a great yoyo to buy if your on a budget

My own impression is that the legacy is ok, but it feels too heavy to me. I’ve tried removing the weight rings to put in something a bit lighter w/o success. I don’t totally dislike the way it plays, but I think a lighter version would play better for me.

Can you put o rings in the Legacy? I wanna know because i’ve gotten really tired of waiting a whole day between silconing it and when it dries.

I don’t know. I don’t really think u need to, though.

Yes, the recess is the same size as other YYJ models that use o-rings.

It depends on the type of o rings you use. If you mean the kind like on the Lyn Fury, no. The recess isn’t deep enough. If you mean thin, flat silicone o rings, then yes.

Well, I don’t know what to say. I put the o-rings from a journey in and they looked ok to me.

No, you can put both rubber and silicone o rings in the Legacy. The rubber o-rings that are in the Lyn Fury are not too big, they are supposed to protrude out of the recess.

I tried the Lyn o rings in my legacy. They fell out.

I used ones from a journey. Same size as all YYJ o-ring models. Worked fine.

maybe they have changed some, i don’t know