yyj legacy

Hey guys(and gals) this is my take on the yoyojam legacy.



Width:1.56 inches

Weight:68 grams

Response:flush silicone


Alright this is probably a biased post because this is my first “real” yoyo,
but why not.

So I opened the package and saw the yyj box and was really happy. After only playing a mosquito this just made my day. So after opening the box I unscrewed it. I had read posts saying that there was paper under the silicone so i got that out. Then, my first throw. I was amazed at how smooth it played. And how unresponsive it was. But then with the good tight binds it was just awsome. And even though the gap is fixed its still wide enough to do the real hard string tricks. Now i start doing some tricks and oh man it just took it. And the celcon is great. I have given it a couple good whacks and there is no marks what so ever.

Now, the good stuff.

Ok i have had this about a week and a half and playing about 5 to 6 hours a day, my bearing has broken in. Now i clocked it and got 2:00 out of it and was still able to bind. The butterfly/wing shape is perfect for me.

The bad stuff.

I’ll tell you when I find it.

Now you might not agree that this is a great yoyo but i have really had fun with it and thats whats the most important.

thanks for reading :slight_smile:

i Should get my legacy any day now and you made me just excited to get it thanks for the warning about the paper in it

no prob :slight_smile:

the mosquito was my first yoyo so since my mosquito i
usually use undersized yoyos

I’ve had a lot of fun with my Legacy ^^ It’s really good yoyo for transitioning to advanced play (the way it’s advertised ;] ). It really does compete with the PGM more than people give it credit for. It just lacks a smoothness in my opinion, but that doesn’t make it a bad player by any means. Nice review, and I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself!

As of right now, my Legacy is my favorite yoyo, over my 888 ::slight_smile:

Good for a first review! Just one thing to fix, legacy is not h-shaped, its just butterfly/wing shaped.
Other than that, 2:00 sleeper? Holy crud, I can bearly get that with a pgm… Must work on throw!

Oh thanks i’ll fix that

cool im new to yoyoing only been doing it for about 3 weeks and started out with the blazing teens ice storm yoyo which wasnt bad for 5 bucks (600 pesos) in the Philippines so i ordered a legacy and cant wait for it to come in oh and thanks for the paper warning

I’ve had a Legacy for a while now. Its a great yoyo. definitely worth 20$. I did have to clean the bearing, beacause the stock bearing is very responsive (even though they say its non-responsive). It is very durable, and deep nicks can be easily sanded out. I even found, with a little practice that you can thumb grind for a second or two on the inner ridge of the metal weight ring under the caps. The legacy was my first yyj, and I sure got a great impression!
great yoyo!

This is a video of me using my legacy and thumb grinding at 0:35

-Titanium221 :smiley: