YYJ Legacy Review

Everybody is Crazy for just a $20 yoyo. THE $20 Yoyo. The Legacy. So, I thought I might try one for Myself (Although Im totally with Yoyofactory. Not like Sponsored by them, but I pretty much only use Yoyofactory) But, Since they are cheap, Might as Well try one. Then… It cam in the Mail.

First Throws:
I Put some Yellow String on it, and I was ready! First Throw, I just threw it down and binded it back up. Then did one of my Combo Tricks. The Yoyo Snapped back after my Short Combo. I think: “Wow. Really Smooth and Long Sleeping!” Then I tested it: Did some tougher tricks on it. I did a Slack Trick, then took that to a Gyro Flop. It handled it just fine. This yoyo is better then I thought it would be.

Play: This yoyo can Play. Sleeps around 2 and a half Minutes. Its Really Smooth. The only Bad thing I have to say about this yoyo is that it tilts a lot. Its not because im not playing with it good enough. I know that because I have a Protostar and other yoyos and they don’t tilt. But, for some reason, the Legacy tilts. But, Other then that, Its Pretty Nice.

Final Thoughts:
Im cutting the Review Kind of Short because I don’t do Long Reviews for Plastics. Its just the way I roll. lol. But, If you are on a Budget, and Want a Good Plastic, the YYJ Legacy is Great. The Yoyo plays Great for $20. I like it. I guess I have to give Yoyojam a Thumbs Up by Cody Wright. haha. But, Tell me what you think. :wink:

Decent review but the legacy is titling because of you cause my legacy never tilts during combos

You can easilly sleep it longer. Also the problems you listed are your fault.
Nice concise review.

Ok, The Tilting legacy is definitely not my fault.
It was the bearing that made it tilt.
I switched the Legacy Bearing to a New YYJ Bearing, and now it doesn’t tilt. so, stop telling me that its my fault. lol

…what? That doesnt make any sense. o.O

Yes it does.
It was a bad bearing, which made it sleep less, therefor it made the yoyo tilt.
But, I put in a fresh bearing, and now it work just fine.

If your yoyo slept for 2.x minutes your bearing was not bad.

That was the time after i put the new bearing in.

Then fix your review to state that

Awesome review!

I agree It’s a good review of a good. I got a legacy this week because I wanted a $20ish plastic. At first I thought it was a brick on a string but after a few throws I manned up on it and started liking it more than I hoped. I haven’t put it down much since I got it… yesterday.
I also noticed that it’s not as “forgiving” on the tilt as a well weighted metal. But, it’s plastic and I can still skin 4 or 5 gerbils on a single throw.

I also changed out the caps. You can check out some pictures on my post in the Mod section.

my friend legacy spined for 6mins
but not any more he screwed it up

I find the legacy feels heavy on the string. It plays ok but I feel all of the 68 grams when I use it, compared to most of my other heavier yoyos - fluchs, bone chip, barebones, eetsit, G&E4.