Legacy Review


Alright, so my Legacy finally came after ordering it on Sunday, shipping on Monday, and I recieved it on Wednesday. This review is first impression, because I only played with it for about an hour.

So just for all you folks to know, the Legacy is in the 20-30 dollar range and its in the high-end plastics. It has metal weights hidden in the caps and the response is Flush Silicone O-Rings.


It all started on a really hot day, (yesterday, Seattle broke 100 degrees) , I was reading a book with my fans setting on high. I looked at my alarm clock and realized it was already 3 o’clock, around the time my mailman would come. I was only expecting some junk for my parents, but when I opened my mailbox, BAM! a beaten box was there along with some junk mail. So I ran home and quickly opened it. There was my yoyo, in a little Yoyojam box, along with green and orange highlights, and a bottle of thin lube. I ripped apart the little green box that has housing my yoyo like a prisoner. Finally, the yoyo, with all of its pure awesomeness, was in my hand.


I threw it, and threw it some more. And then I threw it another time, and then some more times. I was impressed, big time. However, the big chunky white string it came with didn’t seem like the string that I liked, so I tossed it away, and put on my green highlights. The yoyo came unresponsive out of the box, and played like a dream. It also looked pretty cool in white. The sleep time is amazing, 40 seconds while throwing a light throw, and I didn’t notice any vibes either. Plus, it binds really great. I would suggest it for 1A.


I can’t really compare it, having the only yoyos I’ve had being a F.A.S.T 201 and a Duncan Speed Beetle which I broke 5 hours later having bought it. But let me tell you this, the Legacy totally pwns the F.A.S.T 201. Its like a monster truck fighting a little compact car. And the Duncan Speed Beetle, I can’t really compare, because its broken.

Final Thoughts

The Legacy yoyo is a great yoyo. Not only does it look cool, it performs great as well. It is a must buy for everyone as it is cheap and plays wonderfully.
With my current yoyos compared to my Legacy, the Legacy would be a 9/10


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Nice review. :wink:


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i posted a review for it but i was the frist time i posted a yoyo reviw and ever thing was sloppy


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