Legacy Review

this is my review of the Legacy yo-yo:
yoyo: YoYoJam Legacy
shape: butterfly
Material: Celcon Plastic
Bearing siz: C
Play Style: 1A, 3A, possibly 4A, and 5A
Responce: flush Silicone
Gap type: fixed wie gap
Price: 22.50 (with out shipping and handeling)

this yoyo plays unresponsive right out of the box ( at least mine did) and I got sleep times of a minute and I can do gyro flop easely with it and laceration hooks. for beginners this is not a yo-yo to play with as thier first yo-yo or any other skill level until they learn the “BIND” method of return. all in all this is proboly the best plastic yo-yojam yoyo out there. for more information go to www.yoyolegacy.com

Not to be mean or anything, but do you really consider one sentence a review? Try elaborating on why the Legacy is so great. What do you like about it? Explain how it feels/plays. etc. I believe people look at reviews to find a little more than “it is great.”

how’s this KimLan? better?

What did you even do?

I had a realley short review.

I think she was saying that you may want a longer review

i will but a full length review on here once i get my yoyo tomorrow!

there is already another review of this yo-yo of here. it does not need another.

There’s no problem with writing another review.

Yes, but i’d like a review with more in depth because the other was VERY good, and you should look to see what it didnt say and say it.

Not to be cruel or nuffin, but mos reviews our atlest 7x longer than this. Maybe include some pics? You do know if you take Leacy caps off you can stick FHZ caps right in.

you know Wilba that if you don’t know what a Legacy looks like by now then you shouldn’t need to post.

Please, let’s not have this argument again.

Wilba wasn’t saying that you need pictures. He was saying that you need to improve your review and gave you the suggestion of adding pictures (Personally, I suggest you add information, but pictures might be good, too).

Also, your “comeback” was irrelevant to what he was saying. He didn’t say, “Add pictures NOW, because I don’t know what a Legacy looks like.” He was trying to help you make your review better and all you did was be an idiot about it.

So, my suggestion for you is to elaborate more on…well, everything, if you want to have a better review.

I agree, pictures would be a nice addition. You don’t have freak out and get mad at Wilba. He was just making a suggestion to make your review better. In my opinion, it should be longer. You should at LEAST have a couple paragraphs. A couple sentences is not very helpful. If I didn’t know anything about the Legacy and read your review, it wouldn’t have helped me much.


I just ordered one in lime green and i got an 100 pack of green string 100% polyester

Please dont necro…

ADVICE: next time once you’ve finished try checking your work to make sure everything’s right because I just found a few mistakes on your review.(spelling, capitals, fullstops etc). Also, you need to put more detail, if I didn’t have that yoyo and I read that then I wouldn’t have enough information to be able to play with that yoyo. So when you’re writing and after you’ve written it, try to pretend you are the reader and you have to know every bit of information about the yoyo. But good try on this review if this is your first review. hope I helped. :slight_smile:

When did he say that he didn’t know what it looked like.