YYJ Legacy In depth review

Well first off I know yoyodude “reviewed” this yo yo but to me it felt very short and not informative. I don’t mean this to be offensive yoyodude. =)

Anyway on to the yo yo!!


Manufacturer: Come on? seriously…
Shape: Butterfly / Wing
Weight (g): 70.30
Width (mm): 40.32
Diameter (mm): 55.40
Gap Width (mm): 4.22
Bearing Size (Inside x Outside x Width:) .250 x .500 x .187 in
Gap Type   Fixed
Stock Response System YoYoJam Silicone O-Ring
Response out the box: Unresponsive out da box woop.
Some pictures…


Check here for more In-depth pictures. ^^^


Now this might be a little biased considering that this is my only good and favorite yo-yo but i will try and be fair. Now this is my first unresponsive yo-yo, meaning I knew some what how to bind, IF YOU DON’T KNOW HOW GO LEARN BEFORE BUYING THIS…

Its hard to get used to something like this trust me. Anyway the yo-yo plays very smooth, almost like a metal but it isn’t, well for me anyway =). Very smooth string tricks, The sleep is very excellent on this yo-yo, I did an average throw and the string was grinding the side causing more friction and i got a 94 second spin until it started flopping on its side.

The graphics look cool, sort of look 3d in a sense if you look at it in the right angle.  Out of all the tricks I know which isn’t a lot mind you but still I could do all of them very easily right out of the box. Well of course after changing the string heh, Its made out of Celcon plastic, Its a very weird material sort slippy plastic. :-\  Kind of a weird feel anyway, fits my hand fine, I’m almost 16 years old not the biggest hands but definitely not the smallest.

Also I am experienced in like card manipulation so I have a history of flexibility and stabilization so i don’t know if that helps at all, I mean i can do a one handed cut fine so some sort of experience would help you if you have small hands I guess… Response system is fine for all I can tell ha ha, I mean you have to bind anyway and most times it grabs the first bind and you don’t have to wrap it around again to make sure it pulls, but sometimes it just slips through the bind. One HUGE minus is that its not a very adjustable yoyo. I cant control how big my gap is so if I want a responsive yo yo for a second I cant do that and that hurts… i wish it was like an adjustable yo yo, like the dark magic, I have never owned a dark magic but, I have seen the adjust ability and its very nice. Other than that that’s pretty much it. Overall I love this yo-yo =) very well made and only 22 dollars, My score is as follows.

Sleep: 5/5
Response: 4/5
Construction: 4/5
Feel(like how it fits your hand) 4.5/5
Look: 5/5
Overall: 4.7/5
Adjust ability: 3/5

Comments: Now you maybe thinking " Hey he loves this yo yo so much why not a 5/5?" Well its partially do to the fact that i haven’t tried that many different yo-yos so I do not have a very good comparison. I’m just not that experienced with other yo yos other wise i would have had an easier time like oh well this plays like that yo yo etc… Also you must be saying hey you said no adjust ability why 3/5?? Well I can still switch bearing out, take the yo yo apart, take out the caps, take the bearing apart, turn the 3d images in a circle,( I don’t know if that’s a feature or i just broke it haha) So I can still adjust it, just not as much as i want too. =)

Another thing if your thinking, crap I cant buy this yo yo im not good at it, just If you can do braintwister and other sorts just buy it and practice that BIND! I did the same thing first hour im like zzzzz * winds up yo yo* bind fails * winds up yo yo*. Ha ha, Just keep trying I mean come on if you are into yo yo’ing I’m sure something as practice isn’t something that you didn’t expect? right?  :smiley:

Just watch this for binding help: http://www.wonderhowto.com/how-to/video/how-to-bind-to-return-an-unresponsive-yo-yo-265262/

good tutorial ^^^ =)  THIS TOOK ME LIKE FREAKING 1 AND HALF HOURS TO DO!!! AND ITS 3:47 IN THE MORNING RIGHT NOW. YOU BETTER BE NICE!!! * starts foaming at the mouth barking*  :P.  heh ;)( seriously i will kill you >:(  )

Ok, yea, I’m an idiot but i just got mine today, THIN lubed it but it’s responsive ???.. any ideas???

Great review…but, in the picture, I think the guy was doing spoiled panties, am I right? lol, cause that is where I am in learning the trick.

Man thanks for this review. I have been thinking about buying a legacy and you have convinced me to.So once again,thanks.

OFF TOPIC:Samad’s Signature is awesome. ;D ;D

You probably put too much thin lube or something. You shouldn’t have thin lubed it, though, because it should’ve come unresponsive already.

It came responsive out of the box so i thin lubed it and used 1 drop

Try cleaning your bearing, I guess, and check your flush silicone, too. There might be like a piece of paper or plastic under it. But it doesn’t hurt to play responsive, you know, as long as it still plays good.

AHHHHH NEVERMIND THAT!!! I CHANGED THE STRING AND IT WORKS :o :o :o >:( ;D ;D ;D :smiley: :slight_smile:

Yea thats what happend to me the string was very weird, i replaced it very smooth. Glad you all liked it =).

my name is yoyoman not yoyodude! >:( but good detailed review. :slight_smile:

i love the review it got pushed me over the edge to get one and im really happy with it. My one problome is my uber sweaty hands and the decals “melted” because of it. So those that have that problome i recamend that to wipe your hands off before you really get a session going


^^ the Legacy’s caps fade anyway.

samad its ladder escape in the picture

Yeah, I know, André told me.

wow awesome review dude this is what made me get the legacy

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