YYJ Legacy Review

Recently, I wanted a new yoyo (since i messed up my DM). So, i choosed between a YYJ Speeder or the YYJ Legacy. So I made a topic on the forum, and most people prefered the YYJ Legacy. So, I ordered it. Yesterday, I finally got my yoyo!


Yoyo: Yoyojam Legacy
Diameter: 2.18"
Width: 1.56"
Response System: Flush Silicone
Weight: 68 grams
Bearing Size: Size C (I switched the stock bearings with the Dif-E-Yo Concave Bearings)
Color: White (Black Caps)


-Very Long Sleeper
-Unresponsive(Even right out of the box)
-Good for doing String Tricks
-Perfect Response System
-The Perfect Weight(Especially for a plastic yoyo)
-A wide gap(so the yoyo can land on the string easily and so the yoyo doesnt snug during string tricks)
-Low Price

Their are not that many cons, but i’ll have to say that it’s sometimes hard to bind. But, that’s probably so because i’m not use to binding with this yoyo yet.

Closing Thought:

Overall, I would say that this yoyo is Amazing… Period! I would compare this yoyo to my friends YYJ Axiom, But better(except the Axiom is a metal yoyo). and for the price, its perfect. If u were buying a yoyo and you know how to bind, I would totally recommend it!


GREAT REVIEW!!! That was an awesome review… although it would’ve been even better if you had pictures…! :wink:

Anyway keep up the GREAT work! :wink:

That review was BEAST!! ;D

You probably should have gone more in depth.

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: i have a green yyj legacy im fairly new to this yoyoing. Just wondering i replaced the responce system with new o rings they fit well and i still have been haveing troble binding it it just keeps speeping ? can u help me please.

Nice review dude! The Legacy is actually my only yoyo and I love it. I’m trying to buy an upgrade like a Konkave bearing. Well ok syna7x94 keep up the good work!!

can i ask something, why this yo-yo needs response system, i mean its unresponsive any way. :-\

Good Question. The response is a key role in binding and in good spin times. Say you took out the responce in it. Then the Legacy would have a real hard time coming up with a bind. The response helps the sting catch on to the yoyo. Also If you winded up the yoyo and threw it without the response the yoyo would just slip down the string barely spinning at all.

Hope that helped.


i never knew that. but i did know the response system was a key part to the yoyo. thanks dood.

thanks i wasnt sure wat yoyo to get so i looked at some reviews and i saw this one so i bought the yoyo :smiley:

Sure thing. :slight_smile:

HI , i just got yyj speed maker an i luv it!!! ;D

Brian, before you post anything, read the forum rules. You can’t post anything that waay unrelated. BTW people, this is my friend Brian and he is super new here on YYE.

On track:
The Legacy is the only yo-yo I have and I’m kind of Expert-ish at it so if you guys want to ask something, please do.

Good review you made there, it will be cool with a little bit of picture you took at home to kind of spice it up. and make sure you don’t use shortened chat words in reviews because it makes it look a little bad. Also write how it could play, like for example suicides slacks, how does the yoyo grinds etc. those kind of small things makes yoyo reviews awsome. Keep up the good work! ;D

great review