YYJ Legacy Help

as many recommended me, I’m probably gonna order the yyj legacy this week
I have some things I’d really wanna know though:

how is it compared to metal-plastic yoyos in performance and sleep-time? is it quite? stable? will it be good for much more advanced tricks as I progress? can you do all the tricks in the tutorials in this site for an example?

what’s his response system, is it very unresponsive or should I mod it with thick shims, some response rings or thin lube?

be free to answer really shortly. thanks @ all!

The legacy is a great begginer yoyo. It has a great shape and is very stable. In fact that was my first yoyo. It has weighted metal rings that allow it to spin for a long time. It also has the samw shape as the dm so when your ready to move up to a better yoyo. Its one of the best plastics out there.

hmmm… you should know how to bind

Go here and see what this guy does with his legacy. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. :o http://www.yoyolegacy.com/index.html You should learn to bind as one of your first tricks.

ok the legacy has metal wheight rings too it will spin as long as other hybrid yoyo if you have the throw(striaght and strong)
the legacy has flush silicone as a repsonse system so it will bind nice and tight. there’s no need for shims really and thin lube is something you should do to all of your yoyo’s anyways.
the legacy is modelled like the DM so it’s sure to bring you through any trick and is great for any combo. go on youtube and watch grant johnson. he uses the legacy in almost every one of his performances.