YYJ Legacy?

Hey, I had a sudden craving for an all plastic yoyo (i’ve never had one :O). So, does the dual silicone and the wider gap have a big difference from a dark magic in terms of play?

Yes. Less Snagging.
I find it better than the dark magic.

Less snagging, and IMO it seems to play faster than the Dark Magic

Legacy’s are a nice plastic yoyo.

Less Snagging, Tighter Binds, less response, and a lot smoother on the throw in my opinion. Great yo-yo, it’s actually preferred as a back-up by a couple of YYJ people and Grant Johnson’s main throw so far.

Grant actually has a new signature model coming out. That’s actually his new main throw now. But I like how the Legacy uses silicone response instead of O-Rings. O-Rings turn the whole string all black and they can where off the string in like 5 Minutes. I think O-Rings are a terrible response system.

Oh, that’s new. I can’t wait to see his new sig.

I find nothing wrong with a Dual O-Ring system in a Legacy so if the silicone pops out then don’t fret.

Legacys great…

And I’ve never had that problem with 0-rings…

to me, the legacy is great. It plays really fast. I can’t compare it to the dark magic, because I don’t have one. I skipped up to a full metal

Standard YYJ rubber O-rings won’t fit in the Legacy.

yea, the recess isn’t deep enough for o-rings. That’s no a problem, though because the silicone pads are great. my pads wore out so i i used flowable. I want new pads again.

I’ve been eyeing the Legacy but have been hesitant because it uses friction (silicone) stickers for the response system. I used to have several Duncans and got rid of them all because I got tired of dealing with the stickers, the change in performance as they had to be broken in/became wore down and having to change them fairly frequently. I went with the YoyoJam yoyos because I really liked the maintenance-free dual o-rings and to a lesser degree, the hybrid response systems. How do the silicone stickers perform? Do they last very long? Is the groove for the stickers deep enough so it would be easy to put flowable silicone in there? Would the flowable silicone solution work well or are the stickers better? The response system is the only thing that’s holding me back from buying one of these. I just wouldn’t want it to turn into another Duncan-like experience.

The silicone stickers are great. they lasted me a couple of months, but i was not doing advanced tricks when i still had stickers. The groove IS deep enough to put flowable in. ;D

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Hardware Store O-Rings. :wink:

Less snagging? faster than the Dark Magic? sweet, I’ll get one :smiley: thanks guys!

I was on expert tricks and my silicone stickers lasted for 4 months.

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